The formal Pratishtha of the Vriksha Bhairava Kshetram, the only one outside of India, was performed by Pujya Sri Guruji in July 2017. The consecration ceremony included the purification and formal welcoming of Lord Vriksha Bhairava and Vriksha Bhavani, as well as the installation of Sri Chakram, Bali Peethas and Astras of Bhairava, in the same location. 

Who is Vriksha Bhairava: As per Guruji’s explanation, Vriksha Bhairava is considered one of the rarest forms of Lord Bhairava. In Chaya Atharva Veda, there are 264 major forms of Bhairavas, of which 16 are considered very rare. Out of these 16, eight forms are considered the rarest of rare. Vriksha Bhairava and Bhavani are the fourth among the eight rarest forms and found mostly in natural environments like virgin forests and jungles. It is believed that they are ages old and remain underground for thousands of years, before emerging out of the earth when the time is ripe, to be worshipped. As they potentially occupy millions of miles of space under the earth, they have absolute control over the seven Patala lokas, namely, Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala and Patala. The souls of forefathers of human beings are under their control as they dwell in these lokas depending on the collective karma of individual souls and families. It is indeed with the blessings of the Lord that Vriksha Bhairava and Bhavani have manifested as two beautiful and majestic trees in our temple complex.

Importance of praying to Vriksha Bhairava: The blessings of forefathers are essential for mankind in order to obtain prosperity, good health, happiness and peace. Upon worshipping Vriksha Bhairava along with His consort Bhavani, human beings will be freed from the negative effects of non-performance of ancestral rites. Those who might have, for any reason, missed performing rituals for their forefathers, will nevertheless receive their blessings by worshipping Vriksha Bhairava and Bhavani with faith and reverence. “ Om Ksham Vriksha Bhairavaya Namaha”

We perform all pitru-karmas, shradda rituals at Vriksha Bhairava Kshetram. Abhishekams performed on a regular monthly basis or as needed for individual devotee requests, and on all days of Shradda or Mahalaya Paksham.