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Welcome to Mama’s corner ! In this space, our beloved Mama (Pandit B. Rajagopalan) will bring to life his experiences and wisdom that could inspire us, motivate us and give us ways to live our lives in the moment with awareness. Directly answer questions in his voice that could educate us more about spirituality and spread the joy of life, enlighten us on Hinduism, our temple through his lens. Happy Listening!

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Sarada Jammi

Special Thanksgiving Message

In Conversation with Mama – What is the significance of Saffron in Yantra Puja? (Listen to Audio recording in English)

Audio Translation to English

Regarding Sudarshana yantra pooja with saffron

During Thanksgiving, we do the Sudarshana Yantra Pooja. This is the second year we are doing this Yantra Pooja with saffron. Normally, we use saffron for a variety of prayers. Safffron helps in relieving mental depression and helps improve children’s education, peace of mind and prosperity. Praying with saffron will help us get whatever we need in our normal mundane life. We can carry the saffron prasadam (by packing it in small Ziploc bags) in our wallet or even in the backpack that children take to school. The Sudarshana Yantram grants us balance in life, good health and relief from Shatru dosha (protection from enemies). This is the main reason why we are doing Sudarshana Yantra Pooja on Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is an auspicious time to thank the Lord, the teachers, the parents and the friends. Even though it happens once a year, we thank God every single day.

We will be doing the special Sudarshana Yantra Pooja with Saffron on Thanksgiving Day. Thank you.

In Conversation with Mama – What is faith? (Listen to Audio recording in Tamil)

Q & A with Mama

Audio Translation to English

Sarada: Sairam Mama, Welcome to Mama’s corner! Mama, I always see people saying I have faith in Baba, I have faith in my Master. Mama infact they say they have faith in your prayers. But they keep… they keep… coming back and asking questions like my prayers are still not answered, how long I have to go through this and things like that. They keep crosschecking or do things like that.

Can you please explain what FAITH IN PRAYERS or FAITH IN ONESSELF means?

Mama’s response: Sairam. Good question. Many times, people come and ask me “Mama, I have these problems. What to do?”. Have faith in Perumal (God). Come to the temple, do pradakshinam for a few days and Perumal will always take care. I tell them a few things like doing Japam or lighting a lamp in their house. Come on Thursday to have darshan of Baba. Maybe come on Saturday or Sunday to take darshan of Vriksha Bhairava. But people want everything to happen overnight. Sometimes it will happen but sometimes it won’t happen. But if you come and see Perumal (God) repeatedly and your faith in Perumal keeps multiplying, Perumal will show you the way to handle any situation. Sometimes I get upset when people tell me I want this, and I want that. When given a solution, they go out and cross-check it since they don’t have faith. If you want to follow something, you must follow it 100%. Only then you can enjoy, and your faith can build up. Only then you can enjoy your journey and be happy.

“Faith and prayer are not like something you buy online or in a store. Faith is very different. When the level of faith increases, we will enjoy our prayers more. When we start enjoying our prayers in our normal, mundane life, God takes care of all our needs. God will take us to that level. That is very important. Sairam.”