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SRI SAI NARAYANA TEMPLE – Serenity – By Rahul Sundar

The first time I visited Sri Sai Amrutha Narayana temple was in fall 2017 with my wife – Teja (back then we were college mates). The initial plan was to go to crabtree falls as the weather was just about right, around 70 degrees and Teja suggested that we should do a quick visit at the temple as it was less than a min of detour.

And I am very glad we did. As we entered the temple premises, looking at the garden filled with numerous colored flowers, cows, big pond with lots of fish, it gave me a moment of serenity and calmness as my mind took back to the days of me visiting temple in my village in India. And nonetheless Saradha aunty and Babu uncle welcomed us with a warm smile and showed us around the temple, it was beautifully constructed and very well maintained by them. We hung around the temple for about an hour and the whole time I felt calmness in me. Since then whenever I get a chance to be in the DMV area I never miss to visit the Richmond temple. I would highly recommend people in DMV area or people visiting DMV area to check out this temple and say HI to Saradha aunty on behalf of me and if you are lucky enough she may serve you with the best Vathakulambu and Rasam!

Maha Prayoga Pitru Tharpanam – By Inthiran.K

 The 15 days in the Tamil month of Poorattadhi, following pournami are called “Pitru paksha” or  “Mahalaya Paksha”. These 15 days are important for performing the rites for the departed  ancestors (Pitrus). As Hindus it’s our belief that the souls of three generation of our ancestors reside in Pitru loka. Pitru loka is ruled by Lord Yama, the God of Death who carries the soul of the dead from earth to Pitru loka. The rituals done during the Pitru Paksha diminishes the sufferings of the souls of our ancestors before undergoing rebirth. The ritual of pitru tharpanam adds to their happiness in their new birth. Ancestors pleased by the rituals performed bless us with health , wealth, knowledge and longevity and ultimately heaven and salvation.

This year during Pitru Paksha I felt the strong energy from Sri Sai Amruta Narayana temple’s Pitru kshetram –  Vriksha Bhairava and Bhavani. I immediately decided to attend the Bhairava ashtami Maha proyoga  Pitru  tharpanam event which was happening at the temple. On this day rites were performed for the departed ancestors (Pitrus).

The tharpanam done by Prayogi His Holiness Poojyasri VV Sridhar Guruji. During the tharpanam, water was poured on Sridhar Guruji. I feel that the tharpanam water was energized by sacred rivers in  their astral form by Sridhar Guruji to cleanse our sins and that of our departed ancestors(Pitrus).  After that a Bhairava Yagna for the Pitru devatas was performed. During the entire Bhaira ashtami day I felt very intense vibration in my head and felt very blissful. This confirms that pitrus were pleased.

Also, during meditation I invoked Kalpakavirutsha. I then felt Sri Amrutha Sai Narayana temple blessed by Vriksha Bhairava and Bhavani as sthala vrikshams for the temple. I am extremely thankful and feel very blessed to be able to experience this bliss at this powerful temple. It is indeed a Pitru kshetram blessed by the Lord.


Sri Sai Amrutha Narayana Temple (My Home, My Heart) – Meghana Raman

I express my deep sense of gratitude and heartfelt thanks to our beloved Guruji for introducing me to this Divine Kshetram. Really falling short of words & totally speechless as that is the experience I feel everytime i set my foot in this divine temple. Mind attains calmness and my heart melts & tears rolls down my eyes everytime I look at BABA, as I see the same love compassion in his eyes when he looks back at me. With his grace, I see him everywhere in the temple. All the beautiful deities housed in the temple complex are none other than his forms. My immense faith lies in the fact that BABA is Lord Ganesha, BABA is Lord Nrusimha, BABA is Lord Varaha, BABA is Lord Hayagreeva, BABA is Lord Venkatachalapathy, BABA is Lord Pratyamgira, BABA is the Navagrahas, BABA is Lord Subramania, BABA is Lord Ayyappa. BABA is the Lord Sri Maha Pitru Narayana in the form of Lord Vriksha Bhairavar. 

The Peace Joy that I derive everytime i visit this place is truly magical and simply cannot be put into words(As Guruji says, “Experience cannot be shared, it can only be felt”). The Dwarakamayi, Gurusthan & the blissful Vriskha Bhairava Kshetram housed in the temple complex, surrounded by the plush greenery, the beautiful Go-Shala, makes it feel like “Bhoo Loka Vaikuntam” of the western world. My personal experience and miracle with this temple dates back to the year 2010 when Lord Bhoo Varaha Swami blessed us by visiting our then home in Exton, PA in the form of his Utsava Moorthi. At that time, me and my husband were married for 5 yrs and were childless were longing for one. I clearly remember that as I carried the Utsava Moorthi in my hand, the moorthi was heavy, and so I hugged it tightly (for the fear that I may drop it ) , but had this peculiar feeling that i was hugging my baby. Purely his grace, I conceived in the next 3 months & our son SHIV was born in Oct 2011. 

I will always remain indebted to my parents for instilling in me the love & devotion towards BABA. I immensely thank my forefathers for this is their blessing that I’am being guided by BABA is the form of our Beloved Guruji, our beloved Mama Sri. Rajagopalan, our Beloved Akka Smt. Sharada Jammi (She is my most favorite deity of this temple) & Sri. Babu Rao garu, who for me are none other than my family. My humble prostrations to BABA & this beautiful temple. SAIRAM.   

SRI SAI NARAYANA TEMPLE—Sri Sridhar Guruji’s Very Presence

Madhyashtami Tarpanam & Vruksha Bhairava & Bhavani Yagnam

This was my first of the kind divine experiences here in the US. Who else but my Master, could perform such a Herculean task for lokakshemam.

Sri Shridhar Guruji’s very presence amongst his disciples itself is so blissful, we were so fortunate to participate & witness this glorious event. We had an early start at the Sri Sai Narayana temple, Richmond. First part of the day was devoted to the tarpanam where the devotees took turns to offer our beloved Guruji a “Chombu” (small pot) of water and a handful of black Sesame seeds & prayed for our forefathers. Guruji took gangasnanam painstakingly for 3 1/2 hours for close to 130-150 devotees. I felt immense gratitude and tears rolled from my eyes as it was my turn to pray for my dear departed souls to reach Pitru Lola’s. I absolutely believe that my Master has showed them their way as a Prayogi and I thank him sincerely. Sarvam Gurupadhukam Samarpayami. After just an hour’s gap, the Vruksha Bhairava yagnam commenced with offerings to the Homa Kundam with the guidance of Guruji and his much awaited discourse & gadhyams in between. It was such a pleasant evening and I didn’t even realize the nightfall as my eyes were glued to my Master. He would occasionally glance at me & smile, that was enough for me to be under his drishti. Time flew by and by the time the Purnahuthi was completed, it was 1am. We thoroughly enjoyed the Agni Lakshanam, birds chirping, dogs barking, cows mooing, insects buzzing, children playing & it felt like one big happy family in such a serene atmosphere.
Guruji explained about the different Aksharas and he performed the yagnam based on the answers he got for the Prashnam. On our drive back from the temple, the Madhyashtami Moon followed us as our guardian for us to reach home safe. I was exhausted but the excitement & all the “manthrams”(Chants) were still ringing as “reengaram” (ringing) in my ears for days after this auspicious day.

Sri Sai Narayanana Organization Temple – My first visit.

When I got to know that Guruji is coming to the US after 5 years, I was thrilled and I simply wanted to be in his divine presence. I immediately mapped the temple address. It was a 2 1/2 hours drive from my home in Ashburn. For everyone living in the US, long drives are just a normal part of their lives as they simply go on long drives on weekends. For me, it felt like a Herculean task. Although I’ve lived in this country for 16 years, I have never driven long distance. I’m a stay home mom and since my Spine Surgery, my driving has been strictly limited to the grocery store, physiotherapy and nearby malls. All I knew was, I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity and something from inside me said, just go.

So, I woke up early on Saturday and hit the road by 7am, thinking, there won’t be much traffic that early and it will be comfortable. To my surprise, there was heavy traffic and I reached the temple at 10:30am.

I entered the temple and I could instantly feel a positive vibration. Beautiful Garden with banana plants, colorful flowering plants. The exterior walls had Guruji’s assuring words of wisdom. It boosted my spirits right away. The lobby and mud room, restrooms were so clean and lunch was being served in the big hall. It had beautiful drawings of Shirdi Sai baba’s life and pictures of gods. All the idols of all the presiding deities were so graceful and neatly decorated. The crystal lamps were very aesthetic. A short walk behind the main Prakara was Shirdi Sai’s Abode. The sense of calm I received there is inexplicable. I donated a dollar and lit a candle for Baba.

My favorite part of the temple in the walkway further down to the Vriksha Bhairava Kshetram. A little bridge over a cute little water body completely surrounded by tall trees gave me a feeling of entering the closest proximity to nature. There stood the beautiful glass temple with wooden frames. I had tears of joy just being alone at this quite and calm atmosphere. It was a hot afternoon but I felt such cool breeze under the shady trees, birds chirping and crickets calling felt like I was one with nature.

I had such a wonderful experience. The volunteers and Priests were so kind, friendly and hospitable. I will be frequently visiting as often as I could. I dint want to come back home at all. In fact I want to move to Gochland.

My email is

Indescribable experience at the Vriksha Bhairava and Bhavani Kshetram (by Mounika Madgula)

I have always known about the Sai temple and yearned to visit the temple this July. We all know that when your prayers are sincere and deep, God makes it happen. All my things fell in place beautifully and I was fortunate to attend Yantra Pooja at Sai Narayan temple, Richmond.  I got to meet Sai temple and Jwala family members and made new connections.  The conversations seemed like wonderful Satsangs.

Above all, I was blessed to have the darshan of Vriksha Bhairava and Bhavani Kshetram. Putting the experience in words is just impossible. As they say – the deepest feelings cannot be described and it was just that. This magical place, you just get connected instantaneously. It feels so close to the heart.  It was so peaceful, calm and uplifting. I did not feel like stepping away from the place at all. You just sit there and do nothing for many many hours and it feels like minutes, the time just flies. It’s just a very small way of expressing what I felt. Anything related to Guruji itself is exuberating. The excitement and energy of the temple and the Kshetram is at a whole different level. I am very thankful for the blessings. Another beautiful memory added to the memory lane to revisit when I am on the east coast. All the soulful descriptions I have read about the Kshetram and the temple don’t do justice to the grandiose experience. One has to visit it to experience it. Hope to come back soon.

Sai Amrutha Narayana Temple is my abode of peace & joy (by Shalini Gaur)

‘Once upon a time…’ isn’t that how we start a story? Yes, it is a beautiful story of my journey with our ‘Sri Sai Narayana Temple’. For me it is my Baba’s abode, my father’s house, to which I can run anytime.  
14 years ago when I first visited this place, painting and wiring was going on that day. Vigrahams were not there yet, but it already felt so welcoming. Ever since, with His grace, I have been a part of many events. Witnessed the expansion and consecration of all the Vigrahams. Every event feels like a celebration. As if the Father invites all His children home, to attend these ceremonies. We have a wonderful family of Rajagopal Mama, Sarada Garu, Babu Garu and many more volunteers who work tirelessly to make all the various Yantra pujas, consecration of the idols, inauguration ceremonies, and the festivals around the year, a super successful event. I am always blown off to see the amount of planning, coordination and the actual work that goes behind these amazing events to be successful.    
The moment I step into the temple, it feels like I am home. When I stand in front of Baba, His compassionate eyes take away all my worries and all pains are alleviated. A feeling of calmness dawns. If one looks at each idol closely, one will find a lovely smile on the face that makes you forget everything.
This is a very unique temple with rare forms of deities. I would like to mention a few, such as Pratyangira Devi, Varaha Swami, Hayagriva, Pancha Mukhi Hanuman and Navagrahas with their consorts. I like to stand in front of each idol and just keep looking at the beautiful form of the Lord. The Alankaram done by Sarada Garu is so beautiful that it is difficult to take my eyes off it. How can I not mention the beautiful Vriksha BhairavaVriksha Bhawani kshetram. It is the most amazing place, where I can quietly sit for hours and  enjoy the serene atmosphere with the ducks sometimes quacking or the birds chirping. Many, including me, have experienced the blessings of their forefathers upon visiting this place.
Last but not the least, when our Master, Sridhar Guruji visits, this place turns into Vaikuntha. It is impossible to explain the happiness and bliss we all experience. In the end I just want to mention whenever I am here, time just flies.  

Offering Prayers at the temple cured my Father of a Shocking Diagnosis (Due to the sensitive nature of the experience the devotee’s name is anonymous)

Namaste. I am going to share a beautiful personal miracle related to my dad. It all started with a shocking diagnosis for my father around five years ago. When I heard this, the first thing that came to my mind was to go to Richmond and tell our Baba everything. Immediately, I went from DC (where I live) to Richmond Sai Amrutha Narayana temple, which is what I call my mother’s place. I stood there before Baba and shared everything, like every time, happiness or sadness. 

We are two sisters, my mom and dad are alone in India, and they do not have a male child or us to look after them. I asked my dad whether I should come right away but he asked me to wait and I was waiting for him to ask me to come. Meanwhile, I was praying to Baba and our beloved Guruji. Guruji responded saying “our prayers” and not to worry. Whether he writes it or not, Guruji is always with us. 

However, things got worse with time. I went to India in Jan, stayed with my parents for a month, did all the procedures and brought him back home. I settled them with some assistance for food. After that, I had to come back since I had young kids and responsibilities. In May, the situation got worse. My father’s condition deteriorated and this time my sister went to India and stayed with my dad in the hospital. She took care of him for two weeks. The doctors could not diagnose the problem and my dad was having continuous fever and chills and not subsiding. 

I was at the Richmond temple sitting in the main hall praying when I was notified of the diagnosis, which I cannot forget. I went around Vriksha Bhairava and Bhavani and prayed for my mom and dad to get some peace as they were in a distressful situation. We did not know what was in store for them and I was emotional. Sarada was there at that time and asked me why I was crying. I told her about my case, that I was really terrified, and I did not know what to do. Sarada said that Prathyamgira Ammavaru is there, everything will be alright. She asked me to bring a saree which she will offer to Sri Prathyamgira on Amavasya day.

After that, I went to India to relieve my sister and stayed with my dad for a month. One day, I heard an inner voice which told me “Offer me a Thirumaangalyam”. I immediately went and purchased a Thirumaangalyam (mangala sutram) for Prathyamgira maatha with what I could afford along with the saree. That day, when I went to the hospital at around 11pm, I was notified of the doctor’s report which I was eagerly waiting for. It was an absolute miracle that I witnessed – after all those days, weeks and months of waiting- the doctor gave us good news. He said that the results are good, and my dad is getting better. The doctor asked me to go ahead and do whatever I am doing and there is nothing to worry. I stayed with my dad for a month and made a schedule for him and made all the arrangements. After I returned to the US, I immediately went to Richmond and Mama offered the Thirumaangalyam and saree I got for Prathyamgira maatha. 

Till this day, I vividly remember that moment – I was in distress and praying with all my heart at the temple, and Sarada told me to offer a saree to Sri Prathyamgira and everything will be fine. That made all the difference. The moment I bought it, things got better. I am a living example that whatever we ask, with all our heart at this temple, Baba gives us as a blessing and a gift. Lord is always there with us and Baba is present (Prathyaksham) at our Richmond temple. He can hear you and listens earnestly to everything you say.  Sairam.

You will visit the temple only with Baba’s grace (By Jayanthi Tumuluri)

I have heard from many friends that a famous Baba temple existed near Richmond. I had this intense desire to visit and see Baba and I have been thinking of visiting this temple for the longest time – nearly 2-3 years. Finally, my wish came true on Jan 1, 2022. I was visiting a friend in Richmond in Dec 2021 for holidays and on the morning of Jan 1, 2022 I wanted to go to a temple. I was looking in google maps for the closest Sai temple and Sai Amrutha Narayana temple popped. My heart jumped in joy when I realized it was the same temple I yearned to visit.

We started our new year by visiting the temple on January 1st, 2022. Indeed, it was a very deep spiritual experience to visit and see Sai Amrutha Narayana. It is my first experience seeing Baba sculpted in the black stone. In my mind I felt that I was just looking at the all-powerful Lord Shiva. It felt so real and alive. Looking at the intricate Vigrahams and the meticulous Alankarams, was an absolute feast for the eyes.

It was a very soulful and peaceful experience to see cows grazing around in the temple grounds. I felt like I was visiting temples back in India and I was ecstatic that my wish came true on a very special day. Baba is always on my mind now and I wanted to come back every 10 days. But we all know ONLY if Baba permits, we can get the permission to visit the temple. I feel blessed that Baba gave me that opportunity to visit and experience the divine place at least once. I wish to come back again for the divine experience. I hope the devotees who are nearby are experiencing Lord’s bliss often.

My Experience at the Temple (By Lakshmi Sridhar)

Every devotee has an unique experience at Sri Sai Amruthanarayana temple and I am no exception. My association with our temple began in July 2007 when the Bhoomi pooja was done in the presence of our beloved Guruji. I have been a witness to the amazing growth and the positive influence the temple has had in the community. Every time I visit the temple, I experience the same excitement and happiness that happens when I visit my mother and father. I especially enjoy the days when there is not many people around and I get to have a peaceful one on one conversation with all the deities in the temple. And yes…I do have a favorite deity. She is none other than Sri Prathyamgira. Her darshan always blesses me with strength and inner peace. Last August, I visited the temple to seek her blessings before my scheduled surgery. When I looked into her eyes, I got the feeling that she was telling me that she will be right there with me.  Later, I saw the same expression in the eyes of the nurse who took care of me after my surgery. I totally believe it was the ever graceful Goddess who came in the form of my nurse. As for Sri Sai Amruthanarayana, I believe He knows what is best for me and He will always guide me in the right direction. I can keep on going talking about the beauty of our temple but I think one has to have that experience in person to truly understand the positive energy that encompasses this beautiful temple. I am forever indebted to Pandit Rajagopalan, Smt. Sarada Jammi and Sri. Babu Jammi for treating my family as their own. They offer love and guidance without any expectation and that is something I am striving to learn for me to be a better human being. I am grateful that God has given me an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful temple family. May our faith in Sri Sai Amruthanarayana be the guiding light in our journey of life. Sairam.

Blissful visit to the temple (By Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi Dasari)

I was in the USA to visit my daughter, we always wanted to go to the Sai Amrutha Narayana Temple as we were following events at the temple very closely.

It was a spectacular experience to see how it looks, how much divinity the place carries. Mind just calms down, you go into a meditative state without doing much. I fell in love with the Vigrahams and Alankarams, it is beautifully done and maintained. I have been blessed with an opportunity to be at the temple for about 3 days, the way everything is conducted at the temple makes me think how much dedication the volunteers have and that I would also like to do my bit by being there and helping around. I got to know more about myself by being there. I was enthusiastic in spite of a 20 hour drive just by being there. I felt peace. Lord resides there, you’ll just feel it. Vriksha Bhairava temple is simply blissful, the lake and the trees are also extremely meditative. You feel so close with the nature, birds chirping, we also got to see a few cows around. I would request everyone to please visit the temple as many times as possible as it is just pure joy to be there. 

If lord permits I want to visit many times more and enjoy the presence of lord.

Amazing Miracles and the blessing of Temple’s social media outreach during pandemic (by Neeraja Kurudi )

In 2010, I visited  first time, Sri Sai Amrutha Narayana temple and had darshan of  our living Sai, Beloved Guruji, which changed  my life totally.  Sri Sai Krupa & Guruji’s grace bestow many blessings and miracles happen in my family and blessed with many friends as big family. Sri Sai Krupa and Guruji’s anugraham, Since then we are continuously associated with our Master and the temple. We are very blessed to have a deep connection with this temple. The experiences brought a very big family.

In the Fall 2021, I received a video call from a friend to get a chance to have darshan of Sri Vriksha Bhairava and Vriksha Bhavani during Pitru Paksha,  I felt so blessed to have darshan of Sri Vriksha Bhairava, Vriksha Bhavani, and entire temple. The timing was impeccable and divine. It was a time for me to give thanks and get some relief of suffering as my family friend, Sophie mom was in the hospice in her final journey of life. Sophie mom had the chance to see the picture of Sri Vriksha Bhaira va & Vriksha Bhairavi. At the moment, she closed eyes and reached God’s feet Peacefully, in Sunaayasanam. I have strong faith that Lord Vruksha Bhairava & Bhavani & our Beloved Guruji has taken care of her to reach her Pitrus. As our beloved Master says everything happens in divine timing when we least expect it.

My Friend, Carol mom also had an opportunity to have darshan of our Guruji and obtained his Blessings.

When my family experienced COVID prayed to Guruji & Sri Sai Amrutha Narayana with their grace everyone in family recovered and healthy now. My family and friends of mine had experienced many miracles, peace and serenity. We had an opportunity to participate in Vigraha Prathista and  homams, and yagnams performed by our Guruji & Raj Gopal Pandit, in which Jwala formation observed are breath taking.  The temple atmosphere is so serene. Every time, we visit the temple its like going back to home. We are very much connected to divine temple with Sri Sai Amrutha Narayana Swami’s & our Master Grace.  we are able to participate many yantra poojas offered by temple not only in temple and also in Devotees’ residence many occasions in and around of Richmond,  in  USA. Blessed to be associated temple for life time.

During this covid pandemic period, the temple organizers are very kind and arranged darshan for devotees through web/social media / Facebook/ Instagram. I am beyond grateful to get darshan of Gods & poojas virtually. We are very fortunate and blessed to have this opportunity.  Thank you, Pandit Raj Gopal Mama & Sri.Babu garu, & Smt. Sarada akka and the rest of the temple volunteers for your efforts for making this possible.

Any association with this Temple is amazingly miraculous (by Bala Natarajan)

Early November my good friend and colleague approached me to help with the Sai Narayana temple website. It seemed like a doable task and I jumped in immediately to help. It was small, but impactful. While I was working on the project I had this immense sense of inspiration to do more of such work. I noodled over it and was so motivated that I wanted to make the same impact at work. Over the following week, I took our company’s website and redid and proposed some impactful changes. I presented to management which was amazingly well received. I felt so personally fulfilled and even more inspired. Thanks to the trigger from small work I did for Baba. My first time experiencing the Shirdi Sai Baba. 

I heard that Devotion is a dimension that will allow you to sail across even if you do not know the way. This is how I felt when my mom got ill while I was thousands of miles away. I have heard many great stories about Shri Sai Baba firsthand. I realized his grace when I prayed hard towards him to look after my mom and get through the illness. The following day my mom called me and said she felt much better than the whole week when she was bed ridden and unable to speak. When you are lost and helpless, He leads you to the path… I haven’t visited the temple yet, but the work/association/faith already created wonders. I hope to visit soon.

Temple is my magical place (by Tejaswi Dasari)

Sri Sai Amrutha Narayana temple is very close to my heart. We cannot do true justice to some divine experiences, no matter how hard we try and articulate, it will always be inadequate to the actual emotion experienced. This is my humble attempt to articulate.

I moved to USA in 2017, and happened to visit the temple sometime that year. I felt an instant divine connection. I felt that this temple has a special vibration which gives me peace and contentment. I realized as long as I am physically there, I’m in my best mental state. It’s just the positivity that we are surrounded with that elevates you subconsciously. Going around the temple premises was truly meditative. For a very regular person like me, who doesn’t know much of spiritual practices or meditation the mere presence of mine in the temple blesses me with JOY and inner peace.

Furthermore, there are so many opportunities to serve the temple and the community at large. Looking at the other volunteers and their zeal to serve others makes me wonder the beauty of temple even more. It gives me motivation and drive to do my tiny bit the way lord desires.

My hope is that people get the opportunity to visit the temple as many times as possible. And in addition, come forward to participate in the activities in any which way you can. It’s a truly divine experience that one has to experience to know it. Don’t miss out on such opportunities!

Temple’s powerful divine vibrations (by Anusha Nukala)

This temple is my home far away from home. Being an only child, moving to the US was a big step. I spent my first 2 weeks at the temple and made connections who are now very close to my heart. I could not have survived grad school without my visits to the temple. Just standing in front of Baba brings me immense amount of joy and peace. Any amount of stress/anxiety that I have in life vanishes when I visit the temple. Volunteering at the temple not only gives me satisfaction of giving back to my community but also fills me with positive energy to move ahead in other aspects of my life. As an international student, the whole job search process is very stressful and depressing at times. I have been applying to several companies for months. Most of my friends already had offers in place which made me second guess my abilities. But the moment I decided to visit the temple, things started to change. I received interview calls from really good companies who I interviewed for with Baba’s blessing from Richmond. Companies usually do not respond to candidates on the same day but I had a verbal & written confirmation within 24hrs. That is the amazing power of this sacred place with divine vibrations! Hope everyone experiences it.

Miraculous Experience (by Anonymous)

Runa Vimochana Ganapathi – You might have noticed a small sized (1-foot-tall) Ganesha statue placed near the Dwaja Sthambam (pillar with temple flagpole near the tallest Raja Gopuram.

Why is He called Runa Vimochana Ganapathi? 

Runam means some kind of debt/difficulty that is outstanding and needs to be discharged/resolved. It does not have to be a financial debt; it could even be one of action. Vimochana means liberation. So Ganapathi bestows, on those who repose their faith on Him, liberation from their debts/difficulties.

Devotee’s Experience 

“A friend of mine had heard me describe the grandeur of Runa Vimochana Ganapathi several times. One day she called me and told me that her child had gotten into trouble at school and had been expelled. She had appealed the Board’s decision twice and the appeal had been rejected both times, and she had been counseled on alternative schooling for her child. From what she described, clearly the evidence was stacked up against her child, and there did not seem to be any solution to her problem. I suggested that she visit our temple and pray to Baba and also do abhishekam to Runa Vimochana Ganapathi. She took me upon my word, and immediately rushed to the temple, faithfully prayed and performed the abhishekam. Two days later, she was called to the school and the board members apologized to all in her family. They had unearthed unexpected evidence that clearly showed that her child was innocent and had been framed by a bully. Her child was readmitted to the school and the real culprit (bully) was expelled instead. It was a true miracle that I had the privilege to witness. The mahima (glory) of Runa Vimochana Ganapathi’s power is unfathomable. The only ingredient to be a recipient of His grace is our faith.”