The presiding deity of the temple is Sri Sai Amrutha Narayana. The Prana Pratishta of the Vigraham was performed with the unique rituals of Prayoga Shastra, in the process of which the energies of both  Sai Baba and Amrutha Narayana were invoked into the idols. The special combination of these powerful energies is meant to bestow peace and good health to all the devotees who visit the temple. Owing to the special energy combination, the idol has been sculpted in black stone, an extremely rare feature. Elaborate rituals, including Abhishekam requiring sometimes up to 108 dravyams (items), are conducted in the temple to maintain the sanctity and power of the energy field.  

The idol of Nandi and the Balipeetham stand facing Baba. In addition, the temple has Dwajastambha and Pradhana Balipeetham after the Rajagopuram. Devotees offer their prayers to Baba after surrendering their ego first at the Pradhana Balipeetham

Sri Sai Amrutha Narayana is the manifestation of the concept of Amrutham (divine nectar) that grants good health, wealth, peace, and prosperity.