Navagrahas- Surya, Sukra, Budha

The Navagraha idols were installed in the Northeast corner of the temple. The uniqueness of the Navagrahas here is that Graha Devata idols have been consecrated here along with those of their respective consorts. Devotees report of benefits they have derived in their lives from performing Abhishekam or Navagraha Shanthi at the temple. It is recommended to perform rituals like Homam and Abhishekam to Navagrahas to get relief from problems of all kinds. Of special benefit are prayers offered to Shani Bhagwan, Guru, Angaraka, Rahu and Ketu.

Abhishekam: Abhishekam to Navagrahas is performed every Saturday morning. In addition we also perform special prayers during transition periods of Guru and Sani grahas, to help devotees face the effects of graha transition on their lives, based on their janma kundali.