This is a unique Banam (Siva Lingam) given to H.H. Sri V.V. Sridhar Guruji about twenty years ago by a sage in the Himalayas. Guruji has performed Prayogam for over seventeen years to the Banam before giving it to our temple. It has been installed in the Vayu Sthanam of the main temple, facing Shani Bhagwan in the Navagraha Mandapam, another unique feature in the arrangement of idols in our temple. On special occasions, Abhishekam is performed simultaneously to Siva and Shani Bhagwan, to the chanting of sacred Rudram

Abhishekam: Abhishekam to the Lingam is performed every morning.

On Pradosham days, special Ekadasha Abhishekam is performed and special prayers are offered on Maha Sivaratri.