Guru Vriksham in our temple premises is an Ash tree, a rare tree, almost extinct in this part of America. Under the Ash tree is our Gurusthanam, where Guru Padukas are installed, facing the South. This is a pitru kshetram, and our forefathers shower their blessings upon us through our Guru. 

Parikrama (circumambulation) around the Gurusthanam and Guru Vriksham, including the Kalyana Sarpam brings us the blessings of our ancestors and help us to mitigate our mundane problems. 

Abhishekam: Performed every Thursday, and all the days of Mahalaya paksha (shraddha) period, and on all festival days.  

Devotees can also arrange with the temple to schedule Abhishekam on any day of their choice to pay respects to their ancestors and seek their blessings.