Dwaja Stambham5

The Dhwajastambham is the heart of the temple. It consists of a pine tree pole thirty-two feet tall, firmly set sixteen feet deep. The pine tree pole is secured locally and has a powerful Akshara Jamma. During pratishta of Dwajastambham,  according to Guruji, the AksharamMantri”, appeared, which brings prosperity to all. The Dhwajastambham has carved on it Sanjeeva Maruti facing the East Gopuram, Garuda Dhanvantari facing Baba (west), Divya Panchajanya facing the North and Sudarshana Chakra facing the South. 

This specially designed Dhwajastambham fulfills the desires of devotees. Visitors to the temple are advised to do Sashtanga Namaskaram at the Dhwajastambham and enter the temple leaving their ego behind.