Sri Vruksha Bhairava Kshetram

From July 27th and 29th of 2017 our Pujya Guruji formally did pratishtta of the Bhairava Kshetram, the one and only one outside of India at our temple. This pratishtta included the purification and formal welcoming ceremony of Lord Vruksha Bhairava & Vruksha Bhavani, and installation of Srichakram, Bali Peetams, and Astras of Bharava.

Who is Lord Vruksha Bhairava?
Here is an explanation given by HH Sri V.V. Sridhar Guruji about this:
“Vruksha Bhairava is considered to be one of the rarest forms of Lord Bhairava. In Chaya Atharva Veda there are 264 major forms of Bhairavas. Among these 264 forms there are 16 forms which are rare and out of which 8 forms are considered to be rarest of rare.
Vruksha Bhairava and Bhavani are considered as the fourth of the rarest of the rare forms. They are mostly found only in the natural environment like the virgin forests and the jungles. It is believed that they are age old and keep living below the earth for thousands of years. When the time is ripe they come out of the earth as plants/trees to announce to the world that they have finally arrived to be seen, adored and worshipped. Since they live deep below the earth, may be millions and millions of miles, they have absolute control of the seven patala lokas, namely, Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala & Patala. The forefathers of humans are under their control and the pitru lokas will fall under these patalas depending on the collective karmic effect of the individual families and souls. With the blessings of the Lord, we found that Lord Vruksha Bhairava/ Bhavani have manifested as two beautiful trees in the SRI SAI AMRITA NARAYANA temple complex.”

Importance of praying to Vruksha Bhairava:
On worship and propitiation of Vruksha Bhairava with his consort Bhavani, will heal the negative impact on human beings due to non-performance of rights and righteous duties for departed souls in the family by the kartas. If with faith, any one approaches Vruksha Bhairava / Bhavani and prays dedicatedly, problems in the families concerning forefathers will be solved/mitigated. In case if someone had missed performing their duties (pitru kaaryam) to their forefathers, they can pray to Vruksha Bhairava / Bhavani, and such prayers will result in the blessings of the lord and forefathers. In this mundane world, right from getting a job or for a successful marriage or for begetting a progeny or for living a healthy peaceful life, the blessings of the Ancestors/Forefat0hers is a must. By praying to Vruksha Bhairava/ Bhavani, all these things are fulfilled. Of course faith, reverence and dedication is the key.
We strongly recommend all our devotees to come and pray to Lord Vruksha Bhairva & Bhavani, and also perform all pitru karyams here at our Bhairava Kshetram and seek Lord’s blessings for a happy life.