Maha Lingeswara


Unique Banam (Lingam). This Siva Banam was given to H.H.Sri V.V. Sridhar Guruji about 20 years ago by a sage in the Himalayas. After doing prayagam for more than 17 years, Guruji has given the Banam to our temple. It is located in the Vayu Sthanam of the main temple, and incidentally, facing Shani Bhagawan from Navagraha mandapam. This is a very rare unique arrangements, and on special occasions we perform abhishekams for Shiva and Shani, simulataneously, while chanting rudram, which is very auspicious for one and all.

Abhishekam every day in the morning.

Special ekadasha abhishekam on Pradosham Special prayers offered on Maha Sivaratri.