Lakshmi Nrusimha Swami

This is another unique and custom designed vigrahams at our temple, it has beautiful Lord Nrisimha sitting on Adishesha with Lakshmi on his lap, and in the back side we have Lord Amrutha Narayana, standing on the kurma. In addition, we have Garuda on the right side of Nrisimha and to the left we have Prasanna Anajaneya. On the backside, to the right of Amrutha Narayana is Bhuma Devi and to his left is Sridevi. The vigraha peetham has Ashta Laksmi avatars along with Lakhmi Nrisimha in the front side, and Dasavatarams in back side. Additionally, Lord Nrisimha is situated facing directly Pratyangira Devi, symbolically representing that Pratyangira gave energy to Lord Vishnu when he takes Nrisimha avatar.

Abhishekam every Tuesday in the morning 

This unique combination of Nrisimha and Amrutha Narayana blesses devotees with good health and brevity/fearlessness to lead life in this world. Amrutha Narayana is the lord of Amrutham (elixir) and also provides Oushadhams (medicines) in the form of Dhanvantri.