Sri Sai Amrutha Narayana, the presiding deity of the temple, is sitting in the Varuna Sthanam (West) which is also called as Rishi Sthanam. Sri Sai Amrutha Narayana is unique prayoga pratishta, as during the prana pratishta, the energies of both Shirdi Sai and Amrutha Narayana were brought into the vigrahams. This is a very important concept, which we believe helps in bestowing peace of mind and good health to all who come to the temple. Due to this combination of Amrutha Narayana with Sri Sai, this particular combination requires us to perform elaborate pujas and abhishekams with variety of items (sometimes up to 108 different items), we have to prepare this idol in block stone, which is ideal for this purpose. That’s reason for us to have Baba in black stone, which is very rare, the first in USA and may be the 3rd or 4th in the world. This idol is purely “Amrutham” concept, giving all good health, wealth, peace and prosperity. Facing Baba, we have Nandiand Balipeetam. Devotees bow at the Bali Peetham to surrender their entire ego and seek the blessings of Amrutha Narayana through the total concentration of Nandiswara.

Abhishekam every morning and evening.

Amrutha Sai Narayana blesses one and all with peace of mind, good health, and happiness.