Sri Sai Narayana Organization (SSNO) was established in the year 2007, in Richmond, Virginia, USA.  This organization was established primarily for promoting charitable, religious, cultural, and educational activities, with the mission of “Service to Humanity”, and to help people to lead purposeful lives and achieve personal happiness and peace through, love, care, compassion and service. SSNO is recognized as a not-for-profit charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

Sri Amrutha Sai Narayana Sarveswaralayam (Sai Temple), an unique temple in terms of architecture and traditions, is built by SSNO to provide a place of worship and help community to come together and perform charitable services. This facility also helped to build a foundation for promoting Indian culture and arts, and in educating people on spiritual aspects of life.  SSNO also conducts Yoga and Vedic chanting classes.