Navagrahas- Surya, Sukra, Budha


After the whole design for the initial phase of the temple project was complete, Guruji advised Mama (Pandit B. Rajagopalan) to have Navagrahas in the NE corner of the temple. All the other Vigrahas etc. were almost complete and the temple construction was also almost complete. We then ordered everything and came up with measurements and dimensions for the Navagrahas mandapam.

The uniqueness is all the Graha Devatas are with their respective consorts to bless all with their day to day needs. Number of devotees has seen things happen after doing Navagrahas Shanti or sometimes even simple Abhishekam to these Deities. 

Abhishekam on every Saturday morning 

Devotees are suggested to perform Navagraha Abhisekham and homams to get relief from day-to-day life problems. Prayers to Shani bhagawan, Guru, Angaraka/Mangal, Rahu and Ketu are commonly recommended to all devotees.