Sri Sai Amrutha Sarveshwaralayam owes its existence today to the Divine blessings of Sri Sai Baba and to the constant guidance of His Holiness Poojya Sri V.V. Sridhar Guruji. Sri Guruji’s vision was to establish a place of worship radiating with Divine energy in the Western hemisphere, to promote welfare and peace for all. 

Sri Guruji is the last surviving link in the unique tradition of Chaya Atharvana Veda. His in-depth knowledge in specialized subjects of Nrisimha Tapaniya Upanishad, Tantra Shastra and Sri Krishna Mohana Tantra Vidya has been applied towards energizing the temple in all possible aspects, with the sole purpose of Loka Kalyanam (Universal Welfare). Guruji has personally supervised the establishment of the temple in all its details, from selection of location to architectural specifications to the arrangement of the idols inside the temple. This also happens to be the only temple which Guruji has conceived and energized with the tenets of Prayoga Shastra.  


Guruji performed the first Prayoga Maha Yagnam and Bhoomi Puja at the temple site in July 2007. His prophecy at that time was that this temple would be as powerful as Tirumala. Devotees who visit the temple experience the energy that radiates from the idols and the premises itself and one of the several benefits derived here is the blessings of forefathers (Pitru Kataksham). Many devotees share stories about their prayers being answered and problems miraculously solved after visiting the temple. 

Guruji is a personification of Divine energy, spiritual prowess, love and compassion. His spontaneous love and affection attract the hearts of all who are fortunate enough to interact with him. Behind the veneer of a fun-loving, easy going and warm personality lies immense grace and divinity through which he constantly seeks to spread positive energy to fulfill the needs of one and all. 

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