Guruji-1Personification of Love and Compassion H.H. Poojyasri V.V. Sridhar Guruji has blessed Richmond with this beautiful serene abode Sri Sai Amrutha Narayana Sarveshwaralayam. Synonymous to simplicity, Guruji touches the hearts of all simple folks with his spontaneity and fun loving nature. In fact as he captivates us with all his jokes and parables, he is always looking for the aksharas (energy) to fulfill the day to day needs of one and all. It is only Guruji’s immense grace and blessing that our temple has grown to what it is today.

H.H. Sri Guruji performed the first prayoga maha yagnam and Bhoomi Puja at our temple site on July 21st and 22nd 2007, and prophesied that this temple will be as powerful as Tirumala and today we do see devotees coming from far and wide to visit Sai Baba and telling us that their prayers were answered just after visiting the Sai temple.

Right from that day on wards he has relentlessly guided us through every detail.
Our temple Yantrams have all been designed and made by Guruji himself. All our temple Vigrahams are also custom sculpted to his specifications for the welfare of all. This is the only temple Guruji has done everything to the core detail – right from reviewing the architectural details, positioning of vigrahams, design of dwajastambham flag and selecting tree for dwajastambha, to even choosing the right time for prana pratishta. Sri Guruji did the mantra, yantra and tantra pratishta of all our vigrahams on account of which the temple is bestowed with a very high positive energy. Sri Guruji has applied the essence of Nrusimha Tapaniyopanishad, Tantra Shastra and Sri Krishna Mohana Tantra Vidya to procreate this gem of a place for the benefit of one and all, basically for Loka Kalynam. This is the only temple Guruji has conceived with the roots in Prayoga Shastra. All the devotees who come here are blessed with Pitru Kataksham (blessings of their forefathers).

Sri Guruji comes from the Chaya Atharvana Veda Guru Parampara and he is the last link, as yet, in this guru parampara. We are humbled and greatly honored that such a divine Master is the Chief Architect and in fact the Founder of Our Sri Sai Amrutha Narayana Sarveswaralayam!

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