“Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishu, Guru Devo  Maheswaraha,

Guru Saakshat Para Brahma, Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha”

Sai Ram


Guru Poornima (also known as Vyasa    Poornima), will be celebrated at Sri Sai     Amrutha Narayana Sarveswaralayam on Thursday, July 30th, 15. We invite one and all to come and attend this function to pay their respects to the Guru. Since the beginning of the universe,  a Guru is considered to be one of the most important part of one’s life, and has been worshiped net to God. The day of Guru Purnima is dedicated to all the academic and spiritual Gurus in one’s life.

In Sanskrit, the word Guru is divided into two parts: The word “Gu” signifies darkness and “Ru” signifies the one who removes the darkness. Thus, the complete word Guru means one who is the remover of the darkness (agyana).  Guru is the one who holds a very significant role throughout one’s life. Guru Poornima is a special time to remember and pay respects to all those Gurus who helped you attain what you desired for. Let us celebrate together.

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