Under the Ash tree (a rare tree which is almost extinct in this part of United States) which has the same aksharas as the neem tree in Shirdi are the guru padukas facing the south. The uniqueness is here, the padukas are facing the south. Our own pitrus(forefathers) are sitting here blessing us through our guru. Parikarma around the gurusthan and Guru Vriksham blesses us with the blessings of our ancestors.

Abhishekam on every Sunday afternoon

Special abhishekam with water brought from Crab tree water falls (H.H. Poojyasri V.V. Sridhar Guruji visited this falls and said that there is a special aksharam called “Paikara” here which helps deliver the departed souls) done through the Mahalaya Paksham. Devotees may contact Mama to schedule abhishekam on any day to pay their respects to their Pitrus.It is also very good to do Parikrama (pradakshina) outside the Gurusthan to remove all kinds of day to day problems.