Dwaja Stambham5


Dhwajasthambham is the heart of the temple. It is very rare to see the pratishta in these modern days. Guruji has performed this Prathishta to such a detail that anyone who enters this temple will be blessed with all their desires. There will be the want in their lives. The pillar of ….)

The Dhwaja Sthambham is a Pine tree pole secures locally which has a powerful Akshara Janma. This gives all Kula Vridhi, Vamsa Vridhi and Prosperity. This pole is actually 32ft tall, established firmly 16ft deep. At that point, Guruji went down to see the Aksharam and said it is Mantri. This is also very good aksharam which brings prosperity to all (Even in the proximity)

Facing east Gopuram, is Sanjeeva Maruti, facing Baba is Garuda Dhanvantri, on the south is Divya Panchajanya, on the north is the Sudarshana Chakra. This specially designed Dhwaja Sthambham grants all the devotees their desires. Devotees are advised to do a Saashtanga Namaskaram at this entry door and enter the temple bowing behind their ego.